Wednesday, August 5, 2009


(here it is poppy!!) the colours kinda changed when they were scanned, but talk to me gurl--tell me whatchoo think. i dont really like the leaves and stem action, but i can add or take away, let me know.
also, this is on the back of an old watercolour i did for painting class last year, thats why my name and other paint is on there...i dont know if i cropped it out, but it also says C 63 on it somewhere...haha! didn't do so well on that one..

hope i havent posted this one before...but, in any case, here is a small pun in celebration of the fact that i have new brakes on my bike! and bike is also now generally fixed up, thanks to papa bear on his visit here. my right (back) brake broke in september, it just popped as i was about to go down a hill! and the second one went the same way about 2 weeks ago maybe...just as i was trying to go around a car that was pulled out onto the sidewalk from an esso station (this was on a hill). i narrowly avoided hitting the car, but i hit drew who was ahead of me on his was one of the scariest experiences i can remember...only because it was on such a busy road and i was heading right for a busy intersection..yeeeshh..but all is well now :)

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