Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

third day of summer


this is a picture of a wierd looking espresso machine i found on the internet.

yet another satellite picture found in the garbage!

courtesy nat'l geo
i scanned a bunch of things that i like.
but this is not all of it...
so everything has felt different since the summer solstice, different astrological influence? people are nicer, certain things are easier, certain things just feel different...its hard to explain. and the day of the solstice itself was a bit intense and crazy, a climactic/ dramatic shift/turnover. i feel like everything has jumped forward a bit, and consciousness is a bit different..
its like the tide is pulling out, everything is relaxing and calming down.
I am able to look at things differently. and some things are more obvious now that weren't before.
i'm supposed to be cleaning my apartment right now. but i had to do this first, anything to procrastinate!
drew and i are thinking of putting grass om our balcony, no more concrete.
mail from lillian today ! recieving mail is one of the best, most exciting things ever ever. people always say to me, 'aw man.. i wish I got mail... ' but the thing is you have to send someone mail to get mail back! I highly recommend pen-palling. its good for the soul...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

animals for sale!

i am silkscreening oxen! and adding things to them. more to come..
there is a room of henri moore statues at the AGO in TO
last last fall
these are before and after shots,
left: just awoken.
right: groomed and ready

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this post is about travel

colour photos taken at head-smashed-in buffalo jump in Alberta (?) or B.C. I think its Alberta. b/w photo i found in a thrift store in Guelph, there were many many pictures of steamers on the St. Lawrence or other, all by same photographer, over the 70s and 80s. wierd. so i bought a bunch. and the other is a coaster from val vill...

the place is called head-smashed-in not because it is where the native americans used to drive buffalo off the cliff there (such a complex and interesting proceedings) but because one time one native wanted to watch the buffalo falling from below, from the base of the cliff. i guess he got hit by one, or trapped under one, and then more and more...and was discovered at the end of it all, quite dead and ...with his head smashed in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

thanks, Katherine.

ode to national geographic

when i painted this yellow one (on a tile a later found out is very likely an asbestos tile) i painted it sideways to how it is here, just placing colour and shape down, and only after completing it and turning it on its different sides did i see that i had painted a sun.


the chickens above were a photocopying mishap, happy-accident, and the head is an image i used for silkscreening on some tshirts that i am still working on adding things to. top image is a universe...

dictionary day

i really like looking through illustrated dictionaries...something about the style of drawing. detailed, satisfying line drawings of cool things... learning facts is fun too!