Tuesday, June 23, 2009

third day of summer


this is a picture of a wierd looking espresso machine i found on the internet.

yet another satellite picture found in the garbage!

courtesy nat'l geo
i scanned a bunch of things that i like.
but this is not all of it...
so everything has felt different since the summer solstice, different astrological influence? people are nicer, certain things are easier, certain things just feel different...its hard to explain. and the day of the solstice itself was a bit intense and crazy, a climactic/ dramatic shift/turnover. i feel like everything has jumped forward a bit, and consciousness is a bit different..
its like the tide is pulling out, everything is relaxing and calming down.
I am able to look at things differently. and some things are more obvious now that weren't before.
i'm supposed to be cleaning my apartment right now. but i had to do this first, anything to procrastinate!
drew and i are thinking of putting grass om our balcony, no more concrete.
mail from lillian today ! recieving mail is one of the best, most exciting things ever ever. people always say to me, 'aw man.. i wish I got mail... ' but the thing is you have to send someone mail to get mail back! I highly recommend pen-palling. its good for the soul...


Anonymous said...

you got it already!!!?? SWEET :D i hope you like what i sent you. the little booklet was purchased in Winnepeg from a fortune teller

Arwen said...

I totally agree about snail mail, it's a whole different way of communicating with someone! I'm glad your summer is going well! <3