Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the recent moleskine

so here are some of my newer drawings, and i am liking the direction they are going, or perhaps i just like the pen i have now...hard to tell. in any case, most of these were done on the plane home from calgary about a week ago. i went into some sort of high-altitude trance where i was very drawn (no pun) into what i was doing, and just drew fluidly for a long concentrated period of time. wierd. anyway, i like this pen i have. just a black ballpoint, but i find the pen and the paper you have can truly affect your art and your inspiration.

lately i have been endeavouring to just DRAW, and not THINK about it. not worry or consider the end result, just draw from my ..core i guess...if that makes any sense. kind of like a stream of consciousness from my brain or whatever down my arm and flowing out the pen. its hard sometimes, to not think and to let go...but its important to do that i think.

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