Tuesday, June 2, 2009

other such fancies

further little doodles...less recent, less time spent, still a flow from beyond the mind, or the conscious mind...
yesterday Drew and i found matching buttons at the goodwill that said "turn ideas into action.. DO IT NOW!" on them. A sentiment worth considering. We also found a little book by Shakti Gawain, with daily meditations. The one for June 1 said " Money is a symbol of our creative energy. The more willing and able we are to open to the universe, the more money we will have in our lives. Our ability to earn and spend money abundantly and wisely is based on our ability to be a channel for the universe. The stronger and more open our channel is, the more will flow through it" and the mantra for the day: "my channel is open and money is flowing to me".
I beleive it. And living entirely in the present, not in the past or future, and in the present observing everything and seeing the beauty in all helps greatly to open channels for the universe to flow through.
so while at the goodwill i bought a nice bag for three dollars, one like i had been wanting for a while. and when i got outside the store and looked into one of the many pockets, there was a twonie (toonie?) inside it! woah. the universe is amazing!

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the isness is fertile