Sunday, January 9, 2011

desert dream

I walked over the desert sands, my feet barely touching the coarse, shifting grains. As I walked, or flowed as it seemed, objects from my past appeared out of nowhere - but it was as if they had always been there; and I accepted each one without question.
Each object carried with it a combination of feelings from a certain time and place - landmarkers of time and emotion.
I left them all behind; I walked and walked.
No matter how long I kept on through this unpredictable landscape (and it seemed I had no choice or even thought of stopping), the sun remained - suspended - in the same spot in the sky, just above the horizon.
It was a tense, anxious sun, and the light it cast threatened that it would sink down at any moment, leaving me in darkness, in the vast wasteland of my own mind.

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Graham Robinson said...

hey robin these new pieces are really great! love the colours.