Monday, December 1, 2008

HEY SO My threadless desgin is up for voting! So please vote! Thanksthanks :) hopefully it will be printed, but I do feel it could look a little better...anyway, Check it out here:

supposed to be doing research methods shizz right now, tallying surveys, drawing conclusions, making percentages, that kind of thing. I just have no interest in that...i'll get to it eventually...

Party a success! Band a-mazing!
just wanted everyone to went well !

actually something interesting did happen. The next morning, I went out to check the mailbox, and happened to look to my right to the corner of the next street over, and who should be sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk looking perky ..but my bike! it was the wierdest thing. Kickstand down and everything, it had been taken and left about a block away. Probably because the back tire was totally flat. ahahaha

bUT upon arriving back home with my bike, I discovered, as I had expected to, that Kyle and Monica's bikes had been stolen.

THAT NIGHT however, Kyle, Kajsa, Drew and I were at this party in an apartment building, 14 floors up. halfway through the night, Kyle was looking over the balcony, and happened to see Monica's bike, illuminated, leaning against the pizza store down at street level.. (!)

Drew, Kyle and this other guy Dean (who had pepper spray and came along juss in case) went down to retrieve it. (i think this is how this part goes..)Walking back from locking it up at Drew's, the boys saw this gangstaaa standing where the bike had been, on his cell phone, guesturing and talking angrily.. (he had been at our party the night before, tryna sell drugs, it was not cool and we didnt know who he was) ANYWAY going back into the buildings, the guy ended up going in the elevator with our heroes, and pointed at Dean (the only one who hadnt been at our party) and said.."Do I know you? You look familiar" hahahaha sooo funnyyy..he ended up at the party we were at, which was slightly unnerving, this wasnt someone anyone really wanted around. egh, shudder.

Interesting though, how the things we lose have a way of finding us again... in the most unlikely of circumstances sometimes..

Gave away some clothes to the roomates today. step one..

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