Friday, November 28, 2008

OUT OF COFFEE, how sad...

today is our party! my boyfriend's band Beard Season ( )will be playing, which is so exciting! I always heard these stories from my dad about parties with live bands...finally i get to experience one!

I have brought everything i own from dowstairs and around up into my room and it is now an absolute disaster! not that it wasnt before................But the point is, i need to both get rid of A LOT OF SHIT and also learn how to organize..this summer I gave away 5 garbage bags full of clothing, and I still have too much! I need to learn how to not be so attached to the objects that I have, because they just weigh me down and clutter my space, and though I try to deny it, because the natural state of my room, and any area i occupy, is CHAOS, a cluttered room sort of equals a cluttered mind...and I just dont like having a messy room! i cant fiiiind anything, I cant waaaalk stuff gets dusty or bent...

When you really think about it, there are SO MANY OBJECTS in the world, that almost anything you have, unless it is an original creation by someone, like a drawing or letter...can be found again elsewhere! or very nearly replicated at least. Perhaps replaced by something better! So why hoard these things when we dont need them? when need arises, then get what you need, find what you are looking for...but until then, why do I have so much STUFF??

I have multiples of most things, way too much random crap I never use, that I keep around because I like it...and I feel that that is okay, but I do have to get rid of a lot of it. i gotta de-clutter my life. soon.

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