Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Confucious said:
"the superior man attends to the spiritual things and not to his livelihood"


Young Man,
Seize every minute
of your time.
The days fly by;
Ere long you too
Will grow old.

If you beleive me not
See there, in the courtyard,
How the frost
Glitters white and cold and cruel
On the grass
That was once green.

- Tzu Yeh

despite this, these thoughts..

I've decided to stick it out. school. my cousin is done school in a few weeks, after 4 1/2 years of University, she is writing her last essay and now heading out into the world with a 1 way ticket to Europe.....but after putting in the work. I think, although i feel that i should do what i wanna do when i wanna do it, i will get school behind me completed. it'll be worth it in the end, i will just choose to enjoy what i'm doing when i'm doing it and not think about what other wonderful things i could be doing at this time, the time for those things will come......perhaps when i have earned them?

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Anonymous said...

to earn happiness you need to go to school?