Thursday, November 27, 2008

skipping class today.
need to clean the house for the S party.
and make tinfoil lightning bolts for my costume.
and EAT CHOCOLATE, my mom sent me 3 bars of cocoa camino chocolate in the mail (mint, bittersweet and!) as well as one of those advent calenders that has pictures when you open the tabs instead of chocolate..i like those better :)

this is a good thing to keep in mind:
(from a book my friend lillian was reading..)

"Two persons are sitting in the same draught.The one is injurously affected by it, the other experiences not even an inconvenience, but he rather enjoys it. The one is a creature of circumstances; he fears the draught, cringes before it, continually thinks of the harm it is doing him. In other words, he opens every avenue for it to enter and take hold of him, and so it, harmless and beneficient in itself, brings to him exactly what he has empowered it to bring. The other recognizes himself as a master over, and not the creature of, circumstances. He is not concerned by the draught, He puts himself into harmony with it, makes himself positive to it.

...the mental attitude we take towards anything determines to a greater or less extent its effect upon us."

-Ralph Waldo Trine

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