Wednesday, November 26, 2008

space oddity it is!



having some troubles with teachers lately, or rather today...i find my style doesnt suit the projects or SOMETHING even if i try and i LOVE what i've done, I cant seem to please them, and i always receive poor in C's or D's, whether I try or not. I get the same marks. Its pretty....disheartening, i would say.

gotta do other things to be happy, like make my own art, think about hitting my teacher over the head with my paintinggIMEAN do yoga or something calming like that. My roomate Kajsa and I signed up for 8 weeks of yoga and we only went to one class! talk about lack of committment. i should try and do it on my own time, but the problem is location..

need to do silkscreening soon. i love it, and its soo satisfying

i read this in a book i have, this is the kind of mentality i want to have all the time, regarding every situation, but it is not so easy..

"Life is what you make it. Why not find the best in every situation and enjoy it to the full, no matter where you are and what you are doing? Never waste time and energy wishing you were somewhere else. You may not always understand why you find yourself where you are, but you may be sure there is a very good reason and that there is a lesson to be learnt. Do not fight against it, but find out what that lesson is and learn it quickly so that you can move on. You would not want to remain static would you? As you cease resisting and simply accept the lessons to be learnt, taking them all in your stride, you will find life much easier and, what is more, you will enjoy the changes which take place. A plant does not resist growth or change; it simply flows with it and unfolds in true perfection. Why don't you do the same?"
- Eileen Caddy

I feel like I need to confront my teachers about why I am getting such poor marks, so I can learn how to improve or please them well as listen more closely to their demonstrations and explanations...and stop resisting their methods ...thinking mostly of painting here i guess ..
i enjoy it until i become disheartened by teachers who shut me down ..with comments or bad marks, like a 57 i got today on a painting i really enjoyed painting and was pretty happy with...who's to say who is in the wrong, if anyone is...i guess its all too subjective..

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I love the chickens.